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Description:   QBB is an open source BBS with many features such as Templating, UBB and SQL Abstraction. Currently it only runs omn MySQL but we hope to expand this to Postgres and others.

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Mobius Bulletin Board Mobius, the board of the future. Not only is it an advanced bulletin board, but also a fully interactive web site! Full administration and customization.

MySmartBB MySmartBB is an open source bulletin board system, aim to be powerful, stable, rich, easy to use, secure, and uses less server resource as possible.

A 2 Bit Blog A 2 bit blog is a simple bulletin board, blogging web application that spawned from bit5blog. Its goal is to be straightfoward to setup, easily customized through html templates, and to provide enchanced security above and beyond its predecessor.

WinBoard Free Bulletin Board that works on any windows based PC with IIS or PWS, simple(99% written in ASP) and fast, but has functions similar to UltraBoard 2000 Personal Edition.

XBB The XBB (xtrem Bulletin Board) is a Board wich is built on PHP4 and MySQL 3. Great featchers are the Templatescripting and the group managetman.

phpBB3 Private Message Moderation An Administration Control Panel (ACP) plug-in for the phpBB3 bulletin board system that supports review and deletion of the "private" messages sent between bulletin board users. Moderate private messages in a phpBB3 bulletin boardView private messages sent by a specific userView private messages received by ...

phpShadow - Content Management / Portal phpShadow, the next generation of Pharao, will be a full but light Content Management / Portal System (Framework) with a modular design.At the first Time the Features will be : News-Ticker, Special Sections for Articles and Documents, Bulletin Board, C

phpfreeBB phpfreeBB is an open source package written in PHP to create communities. It is a simple bulletin board package which can be easily customized using custom style sheets. phpfreeBB is lightweight and less than 50KB (excluding images)

slickMsg slickMsg is a minimalistic disussion forum / bulletin board script written in OOP PHP 5 that uses MySQL as rdbms. slickMsg has no fancy social community features, no subforums nor tagging nor categories (one single board with threads ;).

Joo!BB - Joomla Bulletin Board - Deutsch Joomla! Bulletin Board ist ein voll integrierbares Forum fALr Joomla! ab Version 1.5 - Deutsche Version Der Download beinhaltet: - Joo!CM Komponente - Joo!BB Set. Weitere Informationen: https://joomweb.de Verwalten von mehreren KonfigurationenVerwalten mehrerer TemplatesVerwalten von Avataren fALr MitgliederZusA¤tzliche Benutzer Informationen & Joomla! BenutzerintegrationModeration von Foren, ...

Qualitative Data Interchange Format This project is the home for a standard and libraries for the Qualitative Data Interchange Format (QDIF) for the exchange of annotated textual document collections, with special reference to qualitative social science data.

Quamachi2 Quamachi2 is a python2-compatible fork of Quamachi 0.4.5. Yes, 2 stands for python2-compatible, it is unrelated to version and is part of project name.Quamachi has been originally designed by Xavion (http://code.google.com/p/quamachi/).Further versions of Quamachi need python3 and PyQT4 built in front of python3. If you ...

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